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03.09.2021 – 04.09.2021 @ 18:00 – Nach einem langen langen Corona-Winter-Lockdown-Schlaf fühlen wir uns wieder wie schillernde Fische in prickelndem Wasser oder Sekt on Ice. Let’s meet each other! Gather around, you beautiful creatures. Sehr viel Zeit zum Planen bedeutet gleich zwei queer*vagante und feministische Tage der Auseinandersetzung und des Feierns. Von Queers* und Allys für Queers* und Allys. Ohne Rassismus, […]

27.08.2021 @ 21:30 – Musik von und über queere Personen. // DJ PNDJX also known as Pi, is a trans boy originally from Argentina based in Berlin. Pendejo started playing since 2013 in queer partys in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. Eclektic style mixing pop, Latinoamerican pop, reggaeton, middle eastern pop, trap, hip hop and more. He is also […]

27.08.2021 @ 19:30 – // english below Im Vordergrund steht der gemeinsame Austausch zu Trans* und Nicht-Binarität im (Arbeits-)Alltag, das Erzählen von Erfahrungsberichten und rechtlichem Input. Besonders in Bremen ist die Situation in der medizinischen Versorgung und Beratung ein Problem; nur wenige Ärzt:innen sind sensibel und ausgebildet. Allgemein gibt es nur begrenzte Forschung(sgelder) und im Gegensatz zu den heiß […]

26.08.2021 – 04.09.2021 @ 0:00 – Vernissage 26.8. | 19:00 Opening Hours / Öffnungszeiten 27.08. – 2 9.08. | 15:00–19:00 Freitag / Friday 3.9. | 17:00 – 21:00 Samstag / Saturday 4.9. | 18:00 – 22:00 Further opening hours upon consultation via / weitere Öffnungen nach Absprache über // English Movement or gridlock, by gone or present, certain or uncertain? […]

21.08.2021 @ 18:00 – Junoon Festival will finish Saturday 21st August with the visit of exceptional artists for Music #2. Come to celebrate and enjoy our transcending crazy vibes with Live shows and DJ sets from: @bashar.arslan @eqtibasat.quotes (Live) @bedouinburger (Live) @glitterglitteroo @_qasio @noisediva @mhd.3skar abd These measures are necessary due to the Corona regulations for the festival: – […]

19.08.2021 @ 20:00 – It is a pleasure to have a private preview screening for the complex film „The Story Won’t Die“. A Syrian rapper, tortured by Bashar Al-Assad for his lyrics, uses his music to survive one of our century’s deadliest wars. Together with other creative personalities of the Syrian uprising, a Post-Rock musician, a breakdancer, and visual […]

17.08.2021 @ Ganztägig – Live Visuals and Mapping Workshop Let’s make fun uncomplicated! Practical introduction to live VJing (video mixing) and projection mapping in Resolume Arena. ***Important notice*** 1. This is a practical workshop so it would be a smoother experience for you if you have a working laptop or computer with you to follow along. This is solely […]

14.08.2021 @ Ganztägig – If you missed the premiere of COrVIDae a few weeks ago, tonight is your chance to see the performance along with a Sufi performance as part of the Junoon Festival. Junoon Festival brings you an evening of performances: // 20:00 COrVIDae Fight alone. be trapped in silence. An experimental performance with and without masks, created […]

11.08.2021 @ 20:00 – Junoon Festival will present four films focused on different approaches, stories and experiences related to cultural barriers, immigration and identity. Junoon is glad to invite you to see the first movie: A Comedian in a Syrian Tragedy As one of the most famous film and television actors in Syria, Fares Helou’s political opinions aren’t taken […]

07.08.2021 @ 18:00 – In the music #1 at Junoon Festival we are very excited to move, dance and enjoy the phenomenal sounds with Live shows and DJ sets from: Rasheed Muqata’a (Ramallah/Palestine) Anas Maghrebi (Berlin) Jessika Khazrik (Beirut, Berlin) Arabian Panther (Toulouse) Taradud ANIß Momo fZeli (Leipzig, Tehran) on Saturday the 7th of August at @spedittion 18:00 – […]