Premiere: 27.03.2015 | 20:00

other performances:
So 29.03.2015,  Mi 01.04.2015, Do 02.04.2015, Sa 04.04.2015 | jeweils 20:00

APPARAT is a developmental performance with a group of 29 people. It creates it’s own world, a new ‘we’ – The APPARAT-World. Visitors arrive in scenes created in different rooms.

The gallery rooms of the Spedition will become installations for performance. They will change into the world of APPARAT. Already the flyer is a part of an ingenious and produced play. It requires a passport and those who have lost it won’t be allowed in. Inside of the APPARAT-World there is a self-contained system. You can consume APPARAT-goods, there is an APPARAT-sound and you can identify the performers by APPARAT-T-Shirts. There will be actions wich are characteristic for the constructed world. Everyone who comes from outside has to reorientate themselves. Because whenever there is a ‘we’ and thus a ‘them’, there are excluded an included persons and those who decide. How to be in APPARAT?

APPARAT is a Theater Project in cooperation with „Alsomirschmeckts!- Theater e.V.“ and is supported by „kunst und kulturverein spedition e.V.“.

Performance/ Dramaturgy: Ahmad Khalaf, Ahmad Saadoun, Ali Reza, Aras Mohamed, Aref Khalil, Alezmarle Mohammed, Ayda Kültür, Christina Weingärtner, David Weingärtner, Gikrstos Tesfay, Hesso Ali, Lilly Bosse, Mehmet Yildirim, Mohammad Malek, Marwan Jaro, Mohammad Schafik, Mohamed Hajar, Moustafa Jwan, Nergervan Mohamed, Olga Bauer, Othman, Raed Jazbeh, Rady Alabdalah Wali Bayat, Shevgar Haosein, Shalün Schmidt, Solveig Hörter, Victor Salah, Yaqin Ali Turkmani
Direction: Shalün Schmidt, Olga Bauer, Solveig Hörter (SOS-Konglomerat)
Costumes/ Artitstic Consultancy: Lilly Bosse
Costume Assistant: Christina Weingärtner
Music: David Weingärtner, Ayda Kültür, APPARAT- Band
Graphic Design: Nick Bampton

We thank:
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Bremen, Karin und Uwe Hollweg Stiftung, Stiftung Winterreise, Ralf Besser Stiftung für Lebenswerte, Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen Ottersberg, Asta HKS Ottersberg, Zellgemeinde Bremen/ Kantine5Kirche

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