JUNOON // Workshop:: Live Visuals and Mapping

Live Visuals and Mapping Workshop

Let’s make fun uncomplicated!
Practical introduction to live VJing (video mixing) and projection mapping in Resolume Arena.

***Important notice***
1. This is a practical workshop so it would be a smoother experience for you if you have a working laptop or computer with you to follow along. This is solely to avoid you frustration, if you would still find the workshop useful, you are still welcome.
2. If you have a midi controller, bring it with you and you’ll learn how to map for live mixing too.

About Nurah Farahat:
Nurah Farahat is a 3D/real-time media artist and programmer, working mainly with Unreal Engine. Her collaborations range from VJing in events between Egypt and Germany to creating visuals and various graphics for artist M.I.A’s live shows and new online platform.
She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Digital Media Design at the University of Arts in Bremen, Germany and has worked in VR development at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence-Bremen.

Please bring a negative test with you 🙂
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