Thomas Keiser

»A CONTINGLEREMONIAL(*)«, Abschlussarbeit des Masterstudio “From Aleph to Eternity/Language and Communication”

29. September, 18:00

30. September, 15:00 – 21:00
(Contingleremonial at 18:00)

Zunkstujects-Tterings ≈ The Materialist Cult is the speculation of a cult in a future yet to come. In a performative ritualistic ceremony attention is drawn to the agency of things, aiming towards a spiritual connection with the thing-world. The focus lies on found objects and sounds produced by these [in aid of human and machine].
The TV-Series ‘Gossip Girl’ (2007–2012) serves as a catalyst to this speculation.

(*) Contingleremonial:
Ritualistic cult ceremony of Zunkstujects-Tterings ≈ The Materialist Cult. In these ceremonies the portal to the hidden realms of perception is opened, causing an extreme intensification of the force of all things. The Priest acts as a mediator between things and humans, assisting cult members participating in the Contingleremoninial to reach a state of Inatinglizzlement. This can have a very strong and lasting effect on the senses and the nervous system. Especially for those not fully trained in Contingling. Cult members reported to have had life changing experiences during Contingleremonials. A deeper awareness for everything that surrounds us is awaken.

web: http://alepheternity.com/
teaser: https://vimeo.com/233746755

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