All cats are brave

ALL CATS ARE BRAVE is wanting to turn to a series of events, which are meant to be a space to resist all forms of oppression. Specifically, resistance to the systematic ones: racist structures and conditional imbalances of social power that benefit from the re-production of the “other”.

ALL CATS ARE BRAVE #1 is the first and the base ground for celebration of solidarity and friendship in the form/shape of sound (music and dance). It dedicates itself to dancing back against police violence.

We try to build a communal experience based on trust. We wish to initiate spaces of thought, sounds, words and gathering which are working through abolishment of hierarchy and taxonomic orders.

Any profits from ALL CATS ARE BRAVE goes to support the work of collectives fighting police violence as well as individuals directly affected by the police violence.

9 pm – 7 am

Artists: CHANG_PARK – U.N.PRO.FOR – Taradud – Oddz – Falyakon فلیکُن – sameen

2G+ (vaccinated/recovered PLUS official negative test within 24h ago)

Soli Party
Entry donation base 8€+


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