AUSSTELLUNG // Queer (Un)Certainities,  (In)Securities and (In)Visibilities // Queere (Un)Gewissheiten, (Un)Sicherheiten und (Un)Sichtbarkeiten

Vernissage 26.8. | 19:00

Opening Hours / Öffnungszeiten
27.08. – 2 9.08. | 15:00–19:00
Freitag / Friday 3.9. | 17:00 – 21:00
Samstag / Saturday 4.9. | 18:00 – 22:00

Further opening hours upon consultation via / weitere Öffnungen nach Absprache über

// English
Movement or gridlock, by gone or present, certain or uncertain? Which realities do we produce ourselves, which one are made and which one have long been perpetrated?
Only through exchange of thoughts spirals are to be broken. Aren’t they?
The three artists Brunn Morais, Natyada Tawonsri and Virgil B/G Taylor examine this in their own ways, with words, mirrors and portraiture.

// Deutsch
Bewegung oder Stillstand, vergangen oder gegenwärtig, gewiss oder ungewiss? Welche Realitäten produzieren wir selbst, welche werden gemacht und welche wurden vor langer Zeit verbrochen?
Nur durch den Austausch können Spiralen unterbrochen werden. Oder auch nicht? Die drei Künstler:innen Virgil B/G Taylor, Brunn Morais und Natyada Tawonsri untersuchen dies auf ihre eigenen Weisen, mit Worten, Spiegeln, Porträtierungen. Ihre Arbeiten werden in der Ausstellung auch miteinander in den Austausch gehen und leben zudem durch den Betrachtenden weiter.


Why is it necessary to state these basic points of desire? What is made in the activity of speaking for ourselves? I am you and you are me and we are together, apart, together, apart, together. I cry your name out from across the valley, and you turn to see that I am there and you are here. Between us is a field of activity, and in that space we can do nothing. I looked at you and folded, fell forward. I returned, in the space of our understanding, a field of activity.

virgil b/g taylor is a new york faggot living in Germany. He makes fag tips, an online speculative zine. He is one half of sssssssssSsss, a study-friendship with Ashkan Sepahvand, and a member of What Would An HIV Doula Do?, a collective of artists, writers, caretakers, activists and more gathered in response to the ongoing HIV/AIDS pandemic. His work explores histories of care and crisis, magic and toxicity.

Reflections proposes a decolonized look at art, struggles, and conflicts that connect us all as products of colonial relations in social spaces. The proposal is to look at our reality and background seeking to understand our own positions of privilege and/or oppression. Opening space for the construction of non-hegemonic and decolonial narratives. The exhibition presents installations in different techniques such as video, recycling objects, painting, and sound.

Brunn Morais, is an artist, academic and activist. Them academic works connect postcolonial themes and approaches. They is particularly sensitive to Power issues and has been following a collaborative and dialogic approach, thus challenging academic and other scholarly institutions that tend to subordinate minority groups.

// NATA:
Natyada Tawonsri alias NATA started painting a series of gouache paintings of kids portraits. The focus was to create visibility for bodies that are not white.
What first began as a form of painting practice, transformed itself into a dialog between Nata and the people in the pictures. It started a conversation about when and in what context these photos were taken – between Nata and the now grown person, but also between the person and their parents as a discourse about their own family biography.
When Nata speaks about their work, they talk about being a child. What childhood feels like in a world of adulthood. They describe a lightness in contrast to the heavy topics of racism, LGBTQIA+ identities connected as a person of color and Covid-19. The paintings are a place where people can remember the joy of being a child and connect with each other over that feeling.
The project also translates a longing for something analog in contrast to the digital world a lot of people are trapped into now due to lockdown.

NATA who grew up in canton Bern, lives, and studies Master Illustration with a focus on graphic narration at HAW Hamburg. Prior to that, NATA completed a bachelor’s degree in Illustration Fiction at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. They are qualified multiplier for racism-critical empowerment and comic/zine workshops.


Hygeniekonzept / Hygenic concept:
Erforderlich ist ein tagesaktueller offizieller negativer Test (das gilt auch für geimpte oder genesene Menschen). Bitte bringt auch eine Mund-Nase-Maske mit. Kontaktdaten werden erhoben.
An official daily negative test is required (this also applies to vaccinated or recovering people). Please also bring a mouth-nose mask. Contact details will be collected.

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