JUNOON // Exhibition:: PRO-act

It is a pleasure to showcase a collection of artworks by

Sulafa Hijazi
Cheril Linett
Victor de La Rocque

in “PRO-act“ exhibition at Junoon festival.

The exhibition will be open

every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 05:00 pm until 08:00 pm.
We will take your contact details and please keep attention to distance and mask.

// When the pandemic overwhelms societies and crises prevail, it is fundamental to stay aware of the struggles that society is facing on multiple levels, attempting to establish the necessity of creating a space for representation and communication.

Considering art as an eternal tool for expression, as well as for challenging contemporary questions among the individuals but also asserting the entanglement of art and society amidst critical moments, we strongly believe that practice sheds light on the functional role of creative work, that is to reconstruct common consciousness within the frame of conceptual imagination. In that sense, a reflection of this synergy will turn into an effective tool to protect what remains to us in times of urgency.

// Sulafa Hijazi

Born in Damascus, Syria, she is a Director, visual and Multimedia artist Based in Berlin-Germany. She studied at the Higher Institute of the dramatic arts in Syria where she majored in dramatic studies, and at the Städelschule Fine Art Academy in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany.

Hijazi began her career as a writer and director of animation and other multimedia production, with a particular focus on children education, social development. Her animation and multimedia productions are very papular among Arab children and youth. They have been shown on many TV channels and online platforms. They have also featured in national and international festivals, receiving several awards. Among them the golden/best animation award in Hollywood, Russia, India, Cairo and Iran for her feature animation film The Jasmine Birds 2009.


// Cheril Linett

Performance artist and scenic investigator. Author of the performance project Yeguada Latinoamericana.
She began her artistic work in 2015, participating in encounters, festivals and, mainly doing performance art independently in public space. To the date she has created and directed many works, grouped in performance series such as creografia de la succion, poetica de las Aguas, Vertiente Funebre y casa. Currently, she is intern of the scenic Direction Program by the FITAM and Goethe Institut-Chile, with her project „Volver al lugar donde asesinaron a mi madre“. In her works and investigations, she addresses political and social issues, mainly of feminist indole, constantly inquiring in social, gender, and sex roles, and the violence of „normalizing“ systems with which the power operates. Throughout an investigation incarnated and built from her own identity, she shares in her work self biographic trace that cut through the most intimate dimension of being a creator to give an account of the problematics of the social, political, and cultural context in which we are immersed. Her works examine from a critical point of view subjects such as home, family affiliations, colonization, state constitution, the church, authorities, gender, eroticism, and patriarchy.


// Victor de La Rocque

Born in the Amazon and with wild heart, Victor is a multimedia artist who communicates between performance and its expansion as a language in development like a path with trace remains, always in search of the uncomfortable feeling that such statements can cause and through it, initiate a dialogue, as a figure, a fold of language which articulates in the shade. The contradiction is also recurrent. Camus said that „the only true role of man, born in an absurd world, is to be aware of their life, their anger, their freedom“; perhaps by chance, Victor engenders monsters or his own monstrosity reflected. The attempt is to articulate the absurdity and rebellion, in a level of consciousness of a tormented being. At the moment it could describe these works as a collection, succession of failures that retain the same resonance, and among the time it will manifest its own uselessness, echoing its sterile secret. At the end, you can say that all of these can still be just a small casual flourish, born of a desire forgetting the trail itself, road to nowhere, course to freedom, united to a passion without tomorrow, through compositions for video, photography, film, performance parts, texts, recipes, facilities, web, and/or small actions without a hearing and registration. His work has been presented in exhibitions and artistic residence in Brazil as if Portugal, France, Scotland, Sweden, Mexico, USA, and Colombia.



Born and raised in Bogota and adopted by Berlin, there’s no doubt that the city life is reflected in his art; the roughness of hand forged iron combined with meticulous detailing. From heavy chisel strikes on stone to 3-hair paint brush shadowing, the balance in his art, the dedication to details and the use of industrial and construction materials draws the line that defines a “Guinchi” piece. For the artist beauty matters! Even when his art feels dark at first, one always finds those slight touches that makes you admire the beauty behind a well executed technique.

He aims to make a social inclusion doing guerilla art to bring interest to unconventional spaces, reaching out to the people who’s artistic interests may be suppressed due to a social/cultural backgrounds. This contemporary Renaissance instigates a revolution that aims to differentiate between „Comercial“ and ”Real“ art.


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