embassy’s convention on the global crisis – rituel du papillon (dark questions matter)

become a citizen of the embassy of untrue reality and explore the fictional state of mind. club de la faye invites everyone to become part of an interactive, site-specific performance, an intervention into our everyday life where you co-create the story…
you can visit the embassy that will be preparing for the convention on the global crisis and rituals of transformation. you can become one of the embassy staff by following a 3-day master class of performance art training or participate in workshops in club de la fayes methods and performer’s creative expression. in both theoretical and practical way the participants will play with the question on how aesthetics, fiction and rituals of performance art can be used as both self-exploration and activism. are they ideological means of transforming society? can we activate our creative potential to alter our perception of time, reality and identity? get your visas!

club de la faye (copenhagen)

im rahmen von explosive!, internationales festival für junges theater im schlachthof bremen

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