Launch of the digital map „From Gay To Queer“

We are excited to announce that the digital map “From Gay To Queer” is published. 🔌✨

The map is a result of the project “Intersections & Constellations: A queer mapping project”. In a process of research, interviewing, mapping and contextualization, we have tried to understand how queer (sub)cultures have developed from its separated LGBTI* niches, with the focus on Bremen in the 1990s. 

The project was realised in the last months by members of the working group “Queer narratives, mapped”, contributors and facilitators.

A project by Thomas Böker, Dafne Jaramillo, Kyan Mitwollen, Brunn Morais, Laura Franziska Reyes Pollak and Ulf Treger, with editorial support by Jimena Stephanie Alvarez.

The voices, memories and materials are just a spotlight. They are so many other voices, narrations and traces, that hopefully will be collected and documented too.        

Please visit the map at

The language of the map is mixed english and german.

We would be very happy about feedback and contributions. If you have questions or remarks please contact us via        

Many thanks to the interviewees, for sharing your thoughts and impressions: Annette, Arno, Manu, Marcio, Nils, Thomas B, Thomas M, Ulf.

Thanks and big shout to the other members of “Queer narratives, mapped” working group. Thanks to Alp Savran and Linus Wirth for facilitating of the queer youth workshops. Thanks also to the participants of all our workshops!

Thanks to A thousand channels — a queer mapping platform for allow us to use their mapping client. Thanks for the contribution to our presentation in December by art decolonized, a project by Queeraspora.

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This was a great experience!💥🤩
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Share it and tell it your friends* and the whole world 🌏🪐✨

The project „Intersections & Constellations“ was initiated and hosted by kunst- und kulturverein spedition e.V. in collaboration with city/data/explosion and the working group „Queer narratives, mapped“.
The map is published by kunst- und kulturverein spedition e.V
., Bremen with city/data/explosion.

The project is supported by the Fonds Soziokultur within the program “Neustart Kultur”.

Logos des Fonds Soziokultur, des Programms Neustart Kultur und der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien

The project has received support by our cooperation partner, the Rosa-Luxemburg-Initiative Bremen and funding by Hannchen-Mehrzweck-Stiftung and by the Senate of Culture of Bremen.

Logos of Rosa-Luxemburg-Initiative Bremen, spedition, city/data/explosion and  Hannchen-Mehrzweck-Stiftung

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