Queer narratives, mapped #3 | Workshop

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29.7. – 1.8.2021: Queer narratives, mapped #3
Workshop on queer spaces, visibilities, and memories.
by the „Queer narratives, mapped“ working group and kunst- und kulturverein spedition.

Invitation/Call for Participation

Looking around, we sometimes find traces of queer life in the city. We come across queer places – often informal, temporal places like party spaces and gatherings, sometimes longer lasting places like regular social meeting places. Some traces show remainings of temporary interventions in public space – like prides, political actions or happenings: signs on the walls, flags, and other signs of queer living in the city. Such moments and events always have existed, vulnerable and short-termed, and so are the traces and memories of them. In our project Queer narratives, mapped we want to discuss and experiment how to map such traces, how to connect and what to learn from them. We seek to increase the visibility of queer activities in urban space. Activtities that are always more than just socialising or cultural expression. As long as queer people are discriminated, our practices will be political. By collecting moments and places, we hope that they become part of our memory, reflection, and inspiration for todays and future queer activities.

This summer we will have another mapping, seeking with the project “Intersections + Constellations” to trace the development “from gay to queer” which took place within the last decades. We want to find out how the relatively separated lesbian, gay, trans communities in Bremen (and with relations to Bremen) struggled to develop a broader and mutual understanding of “queerness”. We want to learn about the intention, contradictions and missing spots of this development. Our workshop will relate to this mapping project. We invite you to join the workshop and to contribute with your perspectives on these topics. For joining, it is not necessary that you know or live in Bremen. During the workshop we will discuss how collective memories can be created. And we’ll collect and document traces on our map.
If you want to join the workshop, please send us an email with a short introduction about you and describe shortly your interests and ideas on the the topic of the workshop. Please send the email until July, 15th 2021 to workshop@citydataexplosion.de.

We will try to confirm your participation within 2,3 days after your application, latestly July, 18th. We are looking forward to your participation and to getting in touch, exchanging ideas and thoughts with you!
Check also for updates at https://twitter.com/queermapped

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