Reflections proposes a decolonized look at art, struggles, and conflicts that connect us all as products of colonial relations in social spaces. The proposal is to look at our reality and background seeking to understand our own positions of privilege and/or oppression. The intention is to bring to debate issues related to subalternized subjects and what spaces are offered to those who do not have their voices legitimated by institutional spaces. Opening space for the construction of non-hegemonic and decolonial narratives. This work was born from the desire to share perspectives based on intersectionality, respecting and reflecting from different standpoint.
The exhibition presents installations of Brunn Morais in different techniques such as video, recycling objects, painting, and sound. From a sensory experience, questions are presented that come from the artist’s reflections. In the end you are invited to reflect this questions by yourself.

Brunn Morais, is an artist, academic and activist. Them academic works connect postcolonial themes and approaches. They is particularly sensitive to Power issues and has been following a collaborative and dialogic approach, thus challenging academic and other scholarly institutions that tend to subordinate minority groups. Now presents them first solo exhibition, which connects art, academic concepts and social criticism .

For reasons related to restrictions because of the corona pandemic, visits are scheduled with a limited number of participants. Registration is required.
Together with Reflections you can visit the other parts of the exhibition: Queeraspora works and Queeraspora Collective Mappings.
Please visit the Website of ‘Reflections’ to register for a visit of the exhibition.

Opening times:
Friday 28.5.2021 + Saturday 29.5.2021: 3 pm – 6 pm
Sunday 30.5.2021: 3 pm – 8 pm

The exhibition is part of the project „Queertriarchy“, started by Queeraspora in 2020.

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